balance shaft delete

Because eccentric weights spinning at twice engine rpm is a disaster waiting to happen

Ryan Mukherjee

If you don’t know what a balance shaft is, it’s worth checking out this video first:

engine failure

Only 60,000 miles on the odometer

Ryan Mukherjee

Well, my engine finally failed… I noticed it running a little rougher than usual at high load and low RPM on Monday morning, but didn’t really think anything of it. I actually stopped at the machine shop before work to drop off a few additional components and discuss some custom work that I’ll hopefully create a post about soon.

Engine teardown

A closer look inside my new used engine

Ryan Mukherjee

The first thing I noticed when inspecting the engine I received is that it’s noticeable more complete than I had expected. I was expecting the engine assembly that I ordered to be stripped all the way down to the long block. Fortunately, the engine arrived with intake and exhuast manifolds, turbo, fuel system, full wiring harness, and basically any other component that is bolted directly to the block.