Tuning the EA888 - Reading/Writing Tools

Is it even possible to DIY?

Ryan Mukherjee

When I tell other car people that I tuned my car a common follow up question is, “Who did you go with?” They’ll ask if I bought a tune from APR, Unitronic, or some other large corporation. I think one of the reasons for this is the complexity of modern cars. There are so many little computers, wires, and other electronic devices inside modern cars that people assume it’s almost impossible for individuals to understand what’s going on, let alone non-destructively…

High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade

Backwards compatibility for the win!

Ryan Mukherjee

I’ll keep this section short, because most of you probably already know why one might want to upgrade their high pressure fuel pump (HPFP). For those of you who don’t, the rationale is simple: to make more power we need to be able to inject more fuel. Along those lines, we might upgrade the fuel injectors to ones that are capable of flowing more volume, or we might change the engine tuning so that the injectors flow fuel for longer. However, if we increase the volume of fuel that the…

Engine painting

Probably one of the most tedious things I've done

Ryan Mukherjee

As I learned from going through this process, painting an engine block (and doing a good job) is no easy feat. The reason for this, as you’ve likely already heard, is that getting a good quality result requires a lot of preparation. From my experience, there are two main things that make preparation difficult. First, used gasoline engines are especially dirty, and you want your nice paint to stick to the raw metal and not whatever contamination is on the surface of the engine. Second, you…